Latest Updates

  • Completed 23 years of dedicated service to our clients.
  • Group5 SS entered into a Joint Venture agreement with Auro Renewtech for High end Cleaning services for Public Transport Departments, Manufacturers & Industrial Plants and High end Buildings.
  • Proud to inform that we have completed five years of service relation with – Rashtriya Sanskrit University; Konsberg Automotive Driveline Systems; Kiran Udyog; Evershine Moulders; S R Ashok Assoicates; Cyber Media; TIL Investments & RIGOSS Estate Work. Thank You for your trust and Business.
  • Over 60 satisfied clients and over 1200 trained and dedicated, highly experienced staff.

About Us

Vision, Policy, LOBs and Our Leadership Team

Group Five Security & Systems is one of the reputed ISO-9001-2008 certified service conglomerates. The Company was founded in 1997 and have its operation all-India reach…more


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Security Guards

With reliable security officers to work on-site.

  • Security Guards (Civilian/Ex. Servicemen) –Un-armed
  • Security Guards (With Arms)
  • Security Supervisors/Officers (Un-armed/Armed)
  • Escorts (Un-armed/Armed)/ in Uniform/ With Out Uniform)
  • Time House Management Team
  • Handle Surveillance System
  • Manual Metal Detector Searching
  • Door frame metal detector searching
  • Vehicle mirror searching
  • Communications through Hand Held Walkie – Talkie

Our Quick Reaction Team provides essential officer support and addresses issues immediately and enables response in the shortest possible time frame thus providing resolution in the nascent stage itself. We also design and operate networks, security systems, and use cutting – edge technologies to facilitate business and individual security and in turn, increase morale, effectiveness and overall productivity.

Mobile Patrol Services

Using our fleet of patrol Bike & Cars

Providing the latest security systems technology since 2011, we’ve been a leading provider of security guard and mobile patrol services and we’re continuing to expand our range of services and geographical locations.

We aim to provide with affordable and reliable security services to match your risk profile and security requirements.

Survelliance & Systems

Surveillance is a 24/7 job. We understand that. Our product and solutions are specifically designed to maximize operator comfort and minimize fatigue. Attractive, modular designs make our solution a great addition to any environment to handle your existing workflow and expand as your demands change. Video surveillance and CCTV is a critical aspect of all security operations today. These adjustments provide perfect sightlines to monitors in the console, as well as mounted walls, to view constant streams of information. Contact us to help plan a security/surveillance installation that meets your needs.

Facility Management

Facility Management is any manpower company’s ultimate dream. It gives the company adequate boost and its management enough confidence to mitigate competition in the industry. G5SS has already achieved this status and its operation is efficient enough in managing a complete facility e.g. a mall, hospital or an office, through its highly evolved multi-pronged holistic modus operandi.

G5SS has all the technical know-how, professionalism and team-work to handle a complete facility, so that on ‘every sunrise’ it is ready to serve the client and the visitors and handle any surprises therein and on each sunset it winds-up the work safely. This ‘day-in’ and ‘day-out’ approach ensures perfect handling of complete client premises.

Our House Keeping Services

We specialize in providing Housekeeping Services anywhere in India. Our Housekeeping Services comprises of Cleaning services and maintenance of safe, healthy and hygienic environment.

HR/Pay Roll Outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll has many advantages. Handing over this essential part of business to an external partner can save time, money, and compliance headaches, making it a wise move for multinational companies of all sizes. This is why an increasing number of enterprises and small business owners are turning over their payroll function to professional providers 

Manpower Outsourcing

Company often required work force(temporary or permanent basis) for specific assignment and redistribute them to the task’s facilities. They are not in the usual finances of the organization. However, the appropriated workforce has to be prepared, should be reliable and responsible. We create unique and personalized groups in accordance with the client’s prerequisites and assume full responsibility to guarantee the determination, preparation and execution of each part.

Why us?

Persistently working toward continuous improvement, and stretching our potential, we have succeeded in developing models and tools that serve to identify our clients specific requirements and cater to addressing them in the most effective and efficient manner...more